T&C's Returns & Exchanges Policy

* Kindly take note that we can not guarantee the exact print to where it will be put on our fabric printed shoes to be the same as on the pictures on our website due to our high volume production line. We use only 'repeat' designer patterns on Poly twirl fabric.

* Dye colour on leather skins may also slightly differ due to every batch being matured at different times so the exact colour may differ slightly.

* We only use genuine South African leather skins so there might be small scuff marks on the leather and this proofs then for authentically home grown cows grazing in the veld and is therefor not bonded-leather or 'false' leather. We use a leather-vinyl 'lining' on the inside of the shoe to give it a more stable & firm feel for comfort when wearing the shoes. On some selected 'vellie' designs we use genuine pigskin leather.

* Please note that our selected  handcrafted outer soles that we make are made from a rubber resin so the shoe is made to be worn to most occasions except for walking on gravel and is not made for an outdoor adventure in nature. Photos are only for marketing purposes.

*Please make use of our shoe chart to make sure of the measurements and correct size when buying your shoes. We will gladly exchange for a different size.

** Kindly note that you will be responsible for all courier fees when  returning any  item or sending it for exchanges or repairs.

We want you to be happy with your purchase and we apologize if it is not. For whatever reason that you are not satisfied, we would be happy to provide exchanges and returns for all items purchased from us if the following conditions are met :

  • All items must be in their original packaging.
  • All items must be unworn, unused, unwashed and  in its original condition
  • Footwear should have no scuff marks on  its outersole
  • Original receipts/receipt mail/order number would have to be  included
  • All items would need to be purchased originally from Charming Shoes SA

If none of the above conditions are met, we regret to inform that we are unable to process any claims for exchanges. If Charming Shoes SA items were bought at any other outlet, please refer to their exchange policies.

*Please note that there will be no refunds on any 'custom' products. We do not promote custom designs at all because it is most of the time not what the customer had in mind.

* Charming Shoes SA will not be held liable for any demands of customers for products owing them claiming they purchased from us or any outlet/reseller  which is not registered under our company in South Africa or outside the borders of South Africa without a valid receipt.


  • All exchanges and returns need to be within 14 days.
  • All requests for returns would need to be made via email info@charmingshoessa.co.za and further instructions will be given.
  • You will be entitled to an exchange of any item(s) immediately after evaluation by us to confirm that it is valid.
  • If the value of the exchange item(s) is higher than the original item(s), you will be required to top up the difference and send proof of payment via email
  • If there are any refunds required for any reason, we will gladly refund you, the client, minus 30% on the original purchased price. This is what our overheads costs are for interests on shopify,payfast,packaging,handling & courier fees.

* Please note that only items bought at Charming Shoes SA can be exchanged at Charming Shoes SA

At Charming Shoes SA we have  a pretty good  return policy because we like you and we really do want to help you.

*However, if  you send back shoes for  returns or repairs that have clearly gone on one too many adventures and/or you’ve owned it for more than 3 months, and the shoe is not suffering from a manufacturing fault, we regretfully won’t be able to help fix them or replace them.  We will have to charge you for the repair or/and the courier costs. 

*At Charming Shoes SA we reserve the right to change this website, including prices, and terms and conditions, without notice. 

* Charming Shoes SA will not be held liable for any injuries, accidents, allergies or illness or loss of death  claiming that our product has been the cause for such mentioned or any such  related incidents.

*Charming Shoes SA has the full copyright on all our own original designs & photographic images. Using any of these without our consent is illegal and lawful steps can be taken against such individuals or business opponents copying any of our artwork.

We as designers are daily inspired by other designers and companies and can therefor practice our own original ideas to create beautiful shoes that go hand in hand with the fashion trends. We aim therefor to be original in all our designs. 


Thanks for your understanding and your support.